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On hiatus for now — visit me at WSU HOOPS

Posted by Jeff Nusser on November 9, 2007

It’s official: The SSR break will be continuing for the foreseeable future. I won’t say this is the end of the line, but I also don’t see this break ending anytime soon. There are myriad reasons behind this decision, and if you’re really curious, you can e-mail me.

The good news? I’m starting a new blog that will be a bit more narrow in scope: WSU HOOPS. My two biggest loves are the Cougs and college basketball, so I’m going to focus my attention there. I’m hoping more focus and less teams to cover will make it more manageable for me in my busy life. Please consider visiting me at that site.

Will SSR return at some point? I hope so — it’s fun to write about whatever we find interesting. But for now, SSR is on hold. Thanks for reading, and I hope I see you soon over at WSU HOOPS.

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A weekend to forget

Posted by Peter on October 16, 2007

I really do not want to talk about what happened this weekend as much as anyone really wants to hear about it. There’s not much more that can be said about the embarrassment that the State of Washington received over this past weekend so I’ll just make it quick with key stats from the games and good news to take out of each one…


Total: 125-44

Cougars: 7 Oregon:53
Key stat of the game: The final score
The good news: It wasn’t televised & the kicker did not miss any field goals

Huskies: 20 Arizona State: 44
Key stat of the game: ASU with 296 rushing yards, The second half score of 31-3 & Locker only completing 10 of 28 passes.
The good news: The special teams looked solid and did not give up any big plays. Also, Rankin is running hard and straight and had some big runs.

Seahawks: 17 New Orleans 28
Key stat of the game: 3rd Down Conversions – NO: 7/14, SEA: 4/12 & Sacks NO: 5, SEA: 0 (NO had 1 whole team sack for the season going into the game)
The good news: Despite a dropped pass and a missed block, Leonard Weaver filled in admirably for the missed Mack Strong with 92 total yards.

Next up is a Rivalry Weekend for the Dawgs (vs Oregon) and Hawks (vs St. Louis) while the Cougs get a much needed bye, so let’s just focus on that and forget anything happened.

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Preview: Huskies take on Erickson in the desert

Posted by Peter on October 12, 2007

Washington Huskies (2-3, 0-2) @ #13 Arizona State Sun Devils (6-0, 3-0)

Line: ASU by 11.5

TV: 7:15 on FSN

Radio: Click Here for Coverage

Media Releases (in PDF): ASU Gameday Release, UW Gameday Release

Washington’s Last Game: Loss vs USC 27-24
UCLA’s Last Game: Win @ Washington State, 23-20

How the Huskies got here
Coming off a bye week to get healthy, work on some issues & concerns, and catch up on school work (more so the first two), the Huskies head to the desert to take on a familiar foe in Dennis Erickson. After a heartbreaking loss full of mental mistakes to the (then) top team in the nation, The Dawgs came away with the confidence that they can play with anyone and a stronger understanding that they need to be able to stop the run, and run the ball themselves. Highlighting both those issues, the Huskies offense has also struggled to maintain a consistent passing game.

To address these issues Willingham and staff used the bye week to evaluate the reserve backs as starting Tailback Louis Rankin has carried the ball 74 times, while the three backups have combined for 12. Scout teams got extensive practice time as well in hopes to help the starters rest and heal, while also getting them more experience in preparation of scout team participation. And of course, Jake Locker worked extensively on his passing (not on XBOX) concentrating on throwing while on the run. Whether the use of the bye week will prove to be effective remains to be seen.
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Huskies’ Season to Date

Posted by Peter on October 12, 2007

Since last week’s bye week meant I had a week off from updating about the Huskies, I did a little breakdown this week of how the Huskies have looked so far this season and what is to come. The Dawgs came out strong out the gate 2-0, gaining the attention of the national media, but fell quickly to 2-3 after three straight tough defeats. And while UW was the underdog in all three losses, they were all games which could have been won.

At 2-3, the hardest part of the season is almost over. After facing a tough duo of ASU and Oregon, the rest of the season looks slightly easier. However, UW still has to find a way to go 5-3 the rest of the way out just to be bowl eligible.

I didn’t want to post all of it on here since it would pretty much flood the site with UW stuff, so I’ll just link them to my page where I wrote them if you want to continue reading.

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Farewell Mack Strong

Posted by Peter on October 11, 2007

OK I finally got over the stinging loss. I have no desire to really recap it either, I’d just rather start thinking about Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. If you want a recap… you can just read the 49ers game recap just flip the teams and replace “Seahawks” with “Steelers.” The one interesting thing however, is that while the Steelers did pitch a shutout, Hasselbeck was never really under any real pressure… which makes me concerned about how well our receivers can get open without Branch and Hackett.

Anyway, we have to do a Mack Strong post. He’s basically the Edgar Martinez of the Seahawks. You don’t get too many 15 year vets who stay with one team, especially at the fullback position where he has supplied a consistent rock. There was never any question “who the starting fullback will be.”

I don’t have much more that can be said or added to the discussion that anyone doesn’t know or has read. I would however like to bring up the question of, “how do we say goodbye to our old friend?” This has been brought up on KJR’s Mitch in the Morning show.

Their idea is that the Hawks should have Mack come out of the tunnel one last time when they announce the starting lineups. Just have him wear his #38 over his street clothes and come out when they announce the FB position. They also said he should raise the 12th man flag for the SNF game vs the bears and not waste it for an 0-4 team…

While I like the tunnel idea…. as for raising the 12th man flag, I’m not sure if he should do it at all this year. People are only supposed to do it once ever (hopefully that is the case with Anton Ohno at least). So when he gets inducted to the Ring of Honor – which would be sometime in a future season – it would be kinda weird of someone other than him raising the flag on his day.


Goodbye Mack. You will be missed. Thanks for the Memories (I’m trying to think of how many generic signs there will be on Sunday).

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Seahawks 49ers Recap

Posted by Peter on October 3, 2007

dilfer-gets-sacked.jpgJust cause Nuss isn’t available doesn’t meant we have to stop providing coverage. I figured I should get up a recap from the last Seahawks game before a preview of the Super Bowl XL rematch. I don’t have too much depth or analysis to add to whatever anyone can find in a box score as it was one of very few games in sports where the box score almost tells the complete story.

Here’s some notes of interest:

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Huskies let USC slip past them again

Posted by Peter on October 2, 2007

The stars were aligned for one night for the Huskies to pull an upset over the #1 ranked USC Trojans. Hoping to muster out any magic left out of the throwback 1960 National Champions jerseys, the Dawgs tried to continue the trend of the day where six of the top 10 teams across the nation were dropped. Lou Gellerman gave his final goodbye over the PA, and the clouds brought some northwest rain on the parade, setting a similar atmosphere the last time UW beat USC at home.

USC had more passing and rushing yards individually than UW had total yards combined. USC had two hundred yard rushers. UW didn’t even have 100 yards passing, although they did have exactly 100 yards rushing. But the story of the game came down to this: UW-190 Total yards, USC Penalties – 16 for 161 yards. Both teams played hot potato with the game but the Huskies’ misfortunes can come down to three plays. (1) Locker missing a wide open Corey Williams in the End zone (and many other receivers throughout the game at that). (2) Russo fumbling a punt to give the ball back to USC at midfield after a 3 and out stand and down seven, and (3) Byran Davenport dropping an easy interception to get the ball back late in the game keeping the game within one possession. Even after all this and no offense, UW still had a shot thanks to the numerous turnovers and mistakes by USC.

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Taking some time off

Posted by Jeff Nusser on October 2, 2007

Hey everyone — I’ll be taking a little bit of time off from posting to SSR. It could be a couple of days, or it could be a couple of weeks, but things are just really hectic in my personal life at the moment and sometimes the blog that I do for fun becomes more of a burden than a joy.

I’ll be back before too long, and in the meantime, you can continue to look for commentary from both Peter and Mike.

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Thoughts on Hawks, Cougs tomorrow

Posted by Jeff Nusser on September 30, 2007

Sorry about the lack of previews on the Cougs and Seahawks this weekend — had to travel back to the West Side unexpectedly Friday night. I’ll have some thoughts on the Cougs and Seahawks tomorrow.

Here’s a preview: Cougs bad, Seahawks good. Feel enlightened?

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Think these games don’t count?

Posted by Jeff Nusser on September 28, 2007

Try telling this guy.

Good to know we can play some unproven guys once the playoffs are completely out of reach — McLaren must’ve gotten the go-ahead from the vets. What generous guys!

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